Injury Report: Danny Godlevske Out for Bedlam, Sills, Presley Expected to Play

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Some good and not so good news for the Pokes.

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Imagine that!! A three and out on the first offensive drive!!

Who scored

Defense needs to stop screwing around and get themselves off the field. All they are doing is giving the OU offense moment and belief they can move against this defense.

And it’s that kind of stupidity on special teams is why OSU doesn’t win games like this.

If we had more quality depth than relying on a freshman on special teams OU punts the ball and they don’t score a touchdown to tie the game on what looks to be our suspect secondary.

What will the offense be able to do in the 3rd quarter?

If JP Richardson doesn’t decide to have a retard moment, and we run the ball or throw a screen on 3rd down with 1:55 left before halftime. More than likely this is a 24-10 game OSU at the half.

This team is bringing out the poke choke and trying everything they can to leave it on the field. Our secondary is god awful, and if some how we do win this game Baylor now has the blue print to getting past Knowles defense.

Besides the three sacks and a few stuffed runs. The defense has looked bad and unprepared. Do we even teach our defensive backs to turn their heads and look for the ball?

Do we have a second half plan for the offense?

One way you let OU know they can win is by making sure you keep them in the game.

Just a typical 3rd quarter.

Can anyone here remind me who coaches OSU special teams?

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Been pretty quiet Robert.

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Who is quite

I just posted on the other thread. Stop being a grouch Roberto. Gundy just got his 3rd bedlam victory!!!