Injury Report: Gunnar Gundy Likely to Start Iowa State Game

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It appears to be Gunnar time.

I guess hunter is still out. Well it will be not good with joe hicking the ball.

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Yea lots of people again out for this game. Also now on our 3rd QB. We are F&^ked

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I mean at least let the kid play. Everything I hear is that he’s sharp, high football IQ. I don’t know that he’ll hold up under the pressure of a real game without much experience, but who knows?


@jake4 Who are you referring to?


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@jake4 Yea it will be interesting to see him play

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Isu has a better defense. Plus i thought rangel was to thin. Lasted one game.

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@robert28 yea they are going to have to beef up GR if he is our future

Walking wounded out there, they’ve gotta get the transfer portal fixed to how it was, nobody has any depth anymore and honestly if you look at CFB there’s a lot of mediocre teams and not really any elite teams, I think it’s because nobody has any depth anymore… look what it did to OU.

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Well the portal isn’t the only thing that happened to OU but agree with you in general.

Don’t tell @KetchupSicle that, he thinks the big boys are just getting better like (checks notes) two loss Alabama.

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Lacy probably will never play another down.

If someone would please tell Dunn, aka Gundy’s OC puppet, to quit calling plays for Sanders at full health for Gunnar!!! Why the heck are we calling QB runs when Gunnar has the best arm in the QB room???

Oh get out of here with that puppet stuff. Gundy’s not out here calling plays.

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Don’t tell @jake4 that there are more big boys than (checks notes) Alabama. Tennessee’s QB came from……Va Tech, LSU’s QB came from……ASU. Like I’ve said……the rich continue to get richer. Get back with me when a “have not” makes some legitimate impact.

Also, that Texas A&M #1 recruiting class hasn’t quite gotten them into that blueblood status you spoke of yet. That was still the most laughable point you have ever tried to make. I have given it up to you for your prediction on OU. You absolutely had that one much closer to correct than I did. I had it wrong. See……it’s ok to say you missed on something. Don’t let your hubris lead you astray.

Tennessee is a big boy?

They absolutely are a big boy. Dude……I’m not doing this with you. Hell you originally argued that Georgia wasn’t a big boy. You even called em “Bama’s little brother”. You’ve argued several times that the portal ONLY makes the lesser teams better. It’s an ignorant point of view when the proof is in front of you. LSU & Tennessee got better via the portal at the hands of Va Tech & ASU. Last years Biletnikoff winner left Pitt for USC. That’s proof enough that the the big boys get better via the portal too. You just won’t admit it. It’s not even a discussion. Yet…….you’re trying to die on that hill. We’ve exhausted it.

1.) Being good is not what I mean by blueblood. I consider Texas a blueblood and they haven’t had success in over a decade. A&M is very much in blue blood territory:

  • They get top recruiting classes.
  • They can attract high profile coaches.
  • They get rated highly (overrated) by pollsters and their poll position is more resistant to losses.
  • They have a lot of money and resources.

Just because they are as inept as Texas with their embarrassment of riches doesn’t mean they don’t have the embarrassment of riches. They are in an advantaged position to win titles; they simply squander it.

2.) You were specifically telling me Alabama was better because of the portal, but here we are. Ok, you can say LSU and Tennessee got better from the portal, but then they closed the gap between themselves and Bama who was head and shoulders above them. The peaks and valleys are still there, but the topography has flattened. The peaks aren’t as high as they used to be. The valleys aren’t as deep. Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU are catching Bama. Michigan is catching Ohio State. Look at the parity in the Big 12. Clemson’s getting closer to the pack.

Georgia is Alabama’s little brother. You don’t hire their assistant coach to try and be like them if you aren’t.

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