Injury Report: Martin, Jackson Return, Bray Out

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It’s a net positive for the Pokes this week.

Well that didn’t take Texas very long.

Just takes a little bit of imagination on the offense of side of the ball🤷‍♂️

And our d was nowhere to be found. And spencer had no touch on that ball or that was a touchdown.

Dude Tay freaking Martin!!! Catch the ■■■■ ball

6 points through three and half quarters so far, against a team that ranks 107th in total defense, and in a game the offensive staff was given two weeks to prepare for.

Josh Sills sucks. Got called for holding on a first down catch to Tay Martin, and then a false start making the kicker have to kick an extra 5 yards. This dude is not an NFL player at all.