Injury report

Does anyone know the status or has anything been posted for an injury report for the game against K-State

All i know is from Saturday. Wilson wanted in that game. Taylor said he was fine. Sanders should still be sore.

Ksu acts like all there guys are coming back.

But from there bloggers. One acted like there middle lb should be out. The safety is real questionable. Martinez wouldnt play. As hurt as there guys were if they play they will be hurting. Duke is out for a half, targeting.
There safety and cornerback have leg issues so i dnt see why they would play them.

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My knee is ok but my back has started hurting . Thanks for asking :relieved:


Well they’re in the running for the league too so it’s all hands available


If Martinez has a ham pulled you usually don’t get over that in a week, probably 2-3 weeks

Fritz said Martinez had like a bruised knee cap. There top cb is suppose to have a ham.