Instacap: Cowboys Fall to Mountaineers 70-60 in Morgantown

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OSU drops an ugly one in M-town.

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Well I guess it was a blessing in disguise getting banned this year. This team has 0 offensive identity. The defense is decent for the most part. If the offense and FTs were halfway competent we’d be close to a top 25 team.

@DickeySucksBalls make a spot in the backseat next to you for Bryce Williams…he plays 15 - 20 mins too much

Why are you up my asss bud? Jesus.

There is no good reason they can’t make Free Throws. They should be spending hours on practicing them.

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Preaching to the choir on this one. It’s pretty sad that you could walk into the Colvin courts and pick almost any regular in there to shoot FTs better then this team. Cisse has seen good improvement since last year but he’s still only like 57%. Better than Ice though he’s sitting at a nice 50% even. Ridiculous how a D1 PG shoots FTs so poorly. Get in the ■■■■ gym and practice them. FTs ■■■■ near won the game for WVU single handedly. They went 21 for 22 tonight.

Can’t make shots
Can’t make free throws
Gonna be a long season :pensive:

Cissed was 3-4 at the line – we’ll take that. Bryce was 2-2. Can’t do any better (except maybe get to the line more often). Avery was 3-5. Not good, but one make away from being acceptable.

Then there is Ice. 1-4. He’s under 50% for the year.

We all love how he plays, but we’re going to have to see how we do with him on the bench. Him going to the charity stripe equals a turnover.

I’m not going to say much, it’s all been said before.
I dnt know why boynton can’t see he needs a passing motion offense. Need more mid range shots. 90% of there shots are 3’s and lay ups. They can make those. Since the defense knows what their going to do it dnt help.

Ice, when I’ve seen him shoot ft, there flat. I can go into the physics of it. A lil more height. And practice. Ft are a rhythm shot. Get ur point and follow thru. They just fall. But u really have to be good to make ft with a flat shot.

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Ice has the heart to play but cant shoot the FT’s and it’s beyond belief he doesn’t work to get better on them.

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Other teams should just hack the shiit out of his hands when he’s going for a layup. Basically creates a turnover with his FT shooting. Anything other than a layup probably won’t go in the basket either.

Hints that the kid shouldn’t be playing point guard but he still does for some stupid reason. The dude is a complete slug and can’t get around any defender unless he’s on a break. Has anybody ever heard coach say why he starts ice? Love to here his reasons why.

Three words…


… on EVERY possession… I know it isn’t that insightful, and they are being coached to do it… but until it starts happening (consistantly), it’s tough to win (consistantly)…

having said that, I do believe in this staff and this team… #gopokes

Team is 305th in FT% at 66.01%. 2nd to last in the Big 12 with WVU right behind them at 66.00%. Totally unacceptable. Ice is now under 50% from the line after last night at 47%. Lock them in the gym until it’s fixed. No excuses.

Unlike the Texas games, the refs ruined what could have been a great matchup between two extremely athletic teams. I know, it’s the Big 12 and refereeing generally sucks.

Who said he isn’t?

Well he shoots 50% for the year and shot 25% last game. He shot 65 as a freshman.
What every he is doing is wrong and I would stop.

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