Instacap: Cowboys Fall to No. 11 Texas 77-74

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The Pokes fall after a slow start to the second half.

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3 point and free throws are pathetic. How hard can it be to make free throws? Jesus Christ.

Frustrating…I want to believe Boynton is the answer and the right man to lead this program. I’ve been on the Boynton hype train since the day he was hired. But today is another not great sign. This team CANNOT start conference 0-8. Tech in Lubbock to start right after break could be a really bad deal or the start of a great run. This is where Boynton has a real chance to prove himself.

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How does Texas go on a 17-0 run at one point?!

I have no earthly idea. Even if Texas out scores 3-1 during that time we win.

Joe would say it’s great coach adjustments.

The high caliber newbies on the team (Cade and Co.) are not used to losing. Response to losing is everything. I agree the next game is pivotal…they will either go way up or way down. Many errors today…lack of blocking out, free throws, and much that UT 17-0 run…were major mental errors. Same was true of TCU loss. Mental errors can be fixed with good coaching and good player response to said coaching. The near future will be the true Boynton coaching test. He has recruited the team talent necessary to win. Does he have the rest of what is needed to churn out W’s? I sure hope so. Go Pokes!

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Yes, we only lost by three to a highly ranked team on the road but I am so tired of “moral victories” and hoping to squeak in the tournament by an end of season surge.

“Not bad”, in the Big 12 is not good enough. The objective skill of the players is obviously there, And I so want Boynton to do well, but this is already looking to be a mediocre season. If we don’t pull ourselves together Cade will pass through and the program will be right where it was as if he was never here.

Yes I know nothing in depth about basketball (was a wrestler in HS) but to the uninformed (Me) the lack of 3 point shooting and successful free throws seemed to be obvious problems. I’m sure there are a lot of other things they need to clean up but those were the two that I noticed.

I’m going to refrain at this time…

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