Instacap: Cowboys Survive in Boise, Beat Broncos 21-20

Shane’s completion percentage is lower than Spencer’s. Just saying.

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You make more excuses than Gundy “We have injuries!!!” take it up with the man that said he had depth.

So I made a list for u of some coaches u liked u never wrote back.
When u actually show u can understand the game I will listen to ur crying.

I don’t care. That has nothing to do with the gam, poor offense, poor recruiting, and poor depth we are at right now.

Poor fans is all u know

I knowbu dnt care u just look at a coach how has done ok one year and in ur mind he could do better at osu.

We beat a G5 team that’s 1-1 and lost to UCF (a team you make fun of), and then to make fun of OU for playing a close game with a G5 team. But as long as Gundy and OSU do it then it’s totally fine, right?

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It’s funny I just wrote a post covering that. Did u like how riley beat the hell out of Nebraska. Oh wait they didn’t

Did you like how Mike Gundy has blown out the easiest teams on his schedule? Oh wait, he didn’t!!!

U went on and on about how tuff Tulane is and how thar was a good when. Ole miss beat them to a inch of their lives.
Thats a 3rd tier sec team not a team expect to have the heisman and a natty.

Matt Coral has the second best heisman odds right now Roberto. Young is at +275 and Coral is +400.

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Thats now after they have seen what riley can do with a good qb

Ole Miss has a better offense and better coach than we do right now.

But yet after all those great leach’s pep talks they are not 3 and 0

Do u see that everytime u rite some stupid post it will come back on u.
On thing I will give u ur obsession makes u like a raved dog.
Should u start telling us why we’re losing next week. We’re already have this win.

Gundy gets fired tomorrow. Gundy applies for Offensive Coordinators jobs. Alabama needs a new OC. Is Saban hiring Gundy for the position or even considering him?

Joey u keep bring up fantasy dreams. U know gundy is not getting fired. When he leaves he will sit back at the house remembering all the great things he did at osu.

Just answer the question. If Gundy got fired today and went to apply for the OC job at Alabama would Nick Saban hire him?

Yea. His great and only Big 12 title he accomplished in 30 years of coaching.

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I know u trust my intelligence on all things football. But as a sane man who understands people in ur condition I will not help propagate ur delusions.