Instacap: Cowboys Walk Away from the Wildcats on the Road 70-54

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This time OSU started slow and finished white hot.

Glad we finished out after the slow start. Hopefully they will continue to close games but can’t tell since KState could barely field a team. Hoping we can capitalize on Bill Selfs GIA weakness next week.

They only play the last 5min of each half.
Do anyone fill like u need a shower after the game.
More assists, second half shooting
If mama is going to play he has got to shut ft.
Why did cade shut 3 shot?
Well for everyone who spoke up about Baylor not a good win better stay quiet.
I need to brush more teeth.:upside_down_face::blush::innocent::rofl::joy::crazy_face::flushed::pleading_face::scream::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

My only complaint I would say is the free throw shooting still needs to be a little better. They’ve shot 64% and 66% from the free throw line the last two games. Would like to see 75% or better as a team.

Right now we are at 68.5% as a team (good for 208th in the NCAA). Don’t mind driving to the paint and trying to draw fouls, but it doesn’t do any good if they’re missing the easy shots.

Aren’t you the one complaining about them losing leads late in the game?

I’m not sure what the Baylor game has to do with this one Robert. It’s also shoot not shut.

We were playing ksu and they play 7 players

Hopefully, we can salvage the season.

We’re 2-3 in big 12 games there’s nothing to salvage as of right now. We will see how it unfolds soon.

A bunch of people weren’t happy us blowing out Baylor because the virus. Ksu were down to 6 scholarship player played 7.

I mean no one is saying it was a good win. It’s was a must win but it wasn’t a good one. Just like Baylor wasn’t a good win.

Beg to differ. Were u comfortable during the Baylor game. Ksu game was like first 18min. were going to lose this.
Second half omg were going to lose this.
All wins are good.

Is it just me but specially in the first half did boynton switch out players alot. Hard to get in a rythm if u get pulled so fast.

So it’s the equivalent of playing Baylor in football with half their team missing? Is that what you were trying to say? If so, then please be so kind to articulate it a little better than a three year old child. Thanks!!

Nobody is saying it’s a good win (just like the Baylor game). All I said was they need to shoot better from the foul line. Had Boynton lost this game I would of hammered him for it like I did with Gundy for the TCU game. They won by 16 and seemed to be in control of the game most of the time (Just like OSU against Baylor). If OSU would’ve won by say 4 points I would of creamed Boynton.

U watched a different game then I did. Or ur meaning of control is different.

My meaning of control is they consistently stayed ahead and eventually ran away with the game.

They were up by 4 with 10 minutes to go. That is not in control all the way through out the game. When did they go up by ten. How long did it take wv to take out a 19 pt lead.

Is white hot a saying. Red hot yes.

Remember when I said they needed to bench flavors and start Rondel? Only wish coach would have seen it earlier. When they take care of the floor it looks like they get more into a flow and score better🤷‍♂️.