Instacap: Oklahoma State Crushes Kansas 47-7

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It was not a competitive game.

I know it was kansas, but everybody was great. U could knit pick about some stuff but gosh. I won’t want to be miles to nite. That teams isn’t peddling backwards, they’ve turn and are running. At least I don’t have to eat crow joe and ar need u enjoy a beautiful Saturday.

Another reward from the game was being able to see what kind of running backs we have in reserve. I was impressed with all of them, especially Cooper. I’m still wondering why Stoner is not having the ball thrown to him enough times. He seems to be relegated to kick and punt returns. Wise decision to keep Sanders out of the game to let him heal more. We have a QB for the future after Sanders departs and then after Illingworth it will be son of Gundy most likely to step in. So now its up to the type of recruiting that takes place to determine the direction of this program. Someone called a good game on offense today.

Besides the first drive where they had a 1st and goal at the 4 yard line, and decided to run it three straight times before settling for a field goal the offense looked pretty in sync. I was fuming on that first drive. Wish they could get Jelani Woods more involved in the offense. Why not roll it out and throw a pass to Woods?

I’m actually really surprised Gundy allowed Illingworth to actually throw the ball down the field. Was like he finally realized he had maybe the best receiver unit in the country, and then thought “Well they might just be good enough to get behind the Kansas defense!!!”

Then BOOM!!! A 66 yard touchdown pass and a 55 yard touchdown pass. He’s got to stop handicapping his offense and just let them play!!! I have to admit I thought he would keep it super conservative even with it being Kansas.

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I’m assuming since Deondrick Glass didn’t get in the game today when 5 different running backs touched the ball is a sign he’s not progressing like he should.

That’s where your wrong. Mike Gundy always saves the best for last.

Couple of u guys mention some players haven’t been passed to, but they both drop passes. Still hard to pass to everyone with so few pass stoner had so good blocks. Joe could u just enjoy the game without trying to show all ur hate. Joe tell us everything miles did rite. Oh got the list made a 4th down, got osu 3rd string defense in soon enough to score.

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Joe needs to stick to his soccer games.

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I did enjoy the game. I just didn’t enjoy the coaching staff calling three straight runs on first and goal from the 4 yard line.

Speaking of soccer’s girls got a tie still undefeated. Go girls

No one likes being on the one and not score a td. But were they bad calls or bad follow thru. I would have just bullied it in. What 3 passes a reverse? The players should have scored. I remember Jimmy doing the same thing as we lost to San Diego state (I hated it, of course I was in jr high) . Our defence did in twice last yr in the same game. It happens mite have sent in sanders.