Instacap: Oklahoma State Dominates TCU in 63-17 Win

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OSU moves into a tie for first place in the Big 12.

I was not expecting this outcome. This was just a good old fashion country arse whipping.
The path to the Big 12 championship game is clear. Gotta take of business now.

How about them Jayhawks?


I couldn’t stop laughing.

First conference road win for Kansas since 2008!!!

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Sark is going to be out of Austin by the end of the week.

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The cowboy game was great tonight. Jalen Warren runs slot like Cowboy Walt Garrison running thru and over people. Keep up the great work Jalen. *** Save a horse ride a Oklahoma State Cowboy**"

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By far the most complete game of the season.


Agreed. Hopefully we didn’t peak with this game.

Great game. Beat the everloving fuuck outta tech and daddick OU the week after.