Instacap: Oklahoma State Gets First Win of New Decade Over Texas A&M

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OSU moves to 10-8 on the season.

just hopeful that all the Boynton doubters, at this point, will get to see MB’s coaching chops over rest of this season…and the fan base can all be on board for 2020-21 instead of split …thankful for the W today!

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Because he beat a team outside the top 165 in KP rankings? Might wanna put a hold on his “coaching chops until he A: Wins a conference game this season. And B: has at least a .500 record as a HC. Not saying he can’t coach, but that’s a tough hill to die on when he’s been this bad through 3 seasons.

…I put myself in that group of fans that ‘just hope’ that we see enough the rest of this season that shows Coach MB has enough skill to to keep this season from becoming a disaster …that said, after mulling over the Holder decision on MB for about a week …I commented on PFB that I give MB 4 yrs (assuming a positive trend)…not seeing the trend but will stick with my 4 yr support of MB …:sunglasses: