Instacap: Oklahoma State Outlasts Kansas State 67-60

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OSU overcame a second-half surge by Kansas State.

Ugly game but I did call a 7 point win. We need to fine 3 more.

It would be nice if they could keep a big lead once they got it. :roll_eyes:


Every game is ugly. I hate to say it but having the best player in the country on a team with mostly freshman probably is one of the few issues for this team. When Cade sat out with COVID the team seem to play more consistent and when he fouled out the team went on runs. Cade has won us acouple games in the end but maybe he had to make those shots in the end because of this. Need to have Issac come off the bench from here on out and might I say sit everyone on the bench for awhile as soon as they turn the ball over also. Coach tougher.

Yea I think we had over 38 turnovers in the 2 games case was out. U evaluate bb as good as football

It’s called the flow of the game retard Robert.

28? I think you should be Robert0 because that’s how many brain cells you have

Watch this everybody lol…tell us what you think this team should do to get better Robert0?

Sure jeff everyone talks real stuff. Then u the jr high flunky comes in. U have used that before not orginal. Like u nothing special. Talk about eating weird stuff the short bus brain cells. That’s ur whole argument.
Just let the big boys talk u go play with ur madden game.

Classic Robert0🤷‍♂️ Told y’all lol. Asked him his thoughts of how this team could get better and he gives you nothing at all because he doesn’t have anything. Good stuff Robert0.

Hope you stocked up on glue because after tonight it will be hard for you to get to a store with all this snow.

U never asked but u want to know a better coach. Boyton has no control over them. Set these guys who want to play street ball.
He just let’s them go faster when the other team is on a run.
They r actually pretty good in an offense set. That’s how u score and gets the other team out of rhythm.