Instacap: Oklahoma State Outlasts Texas Tech in Overtime 74-69

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The Cowboys and Red Raiders went to overtime, again.

Anderson was absolutely huge in this game! Game was slipping away at start of 2nd half and Anderson stepped up to keep us in it. Played great d on McClung, and game saving block at the end. Player of the game, imo.


Well, in the preview post I said OSU would win if they didn’t go into another 5+ minute drought in the 2nd half, but not to hold your breath because they do that every game. I was right about the drought, but they won it anyway. Big time win! Now let’s get a couple of top 10 wins over the chumps down south.


Refs need to be fired into the goddamn sun. Absolutely pathetic reffing the whole game both ways. I don’t know which team was better because of the BS reffing. Glad we won but holy hell that was an awful game to watch.


Both Boones had great games. Keylan was great down the stretch. If he plays like that I’d like to see more of him. Avery played a great game too. Was hoping ICE would’ve been a bit better for his return. Just super pissed about the awful reffing.

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Anderson was the MAN in this game. Offensively and Defensively. I was glad Bryce hit the free throws, he had an awful game but came through in the end.


Exciting game or I should say battle between two equally matched teams. Watching Boone develop is great. Cade tries to push it too much into defenders at times, trying to do it all. Avery Anderson playing with so much more self-control than last season. Ice still not really a factor. Let’s hope that Anderson did not fracture his foot. I did not see a fatigued Cowboy team out there tonight, played with great intensity and won the battle. I hope we can win at least one of the remaining games down the final stretch, but at least on paper, that looks like a tall order. Bryce Williams lately has not been playing good offense. When a ref doesn’t know where the foul line really is, you have to wonder about his eye sight. Benson played a really good first game against us so I wonder what the outcome of the game would have been if he played more minutes tonight. Boynton outcoached Beard.


Just another reminder that OSU has the same record as WVU, a better record than Texas and a better record than TTU, OSU is 3-2 against those three teams combined, blowing big leads in their 2 loses, and OSU has more ranked wins than any of those three teams.

WVU- #10 nationally
Texas- #14 nationally
Tech- #18 nationally
OSU- unranked.

The disrespect is blatant.


Williams had a bad game and I thought Kalib got pushed around in the first half but man if just one of those dunks go down that is sports center #1. The charity stripe still seems to be a problem. Walker was a no show ice was decent for being cold but they showed grit and with this team it’s just another nail biter as always. Good win.

Thought boynton finally called timely time outs and coached well

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Nice to see alittle offense and passing.

The Pokes took care of business tonight against Tech. It was a game they should of won and they did at home. They are safely in the big dance unless NCAA drops a bomb on them. When Avery plays under control and limits his turnovers he becomes very valuable. Ice needs to come off the bench moving forward.

Aside from some absolutely abysmal officiating, this was a great game to watch us overcome as we faced almost every handicap that could have asked for… Shooting droughts, poor FT shooting, serious foul trouble for Cade, and yet another “no show” game for ICE, yet we found a way (which almost never happens for our Cowboys!)… While i’m ecstatic to have the win, and a key one for conference seeding at that, I would really like to see some major adjustments coming into tournament play. Cade has got to play smarter basketball, as his foul trouble could have easily spelled the end for O-State early into the second half, and ICE has got to find whatever it is he’s been missing, because without some outstanding independent play by Anderson, we would have lost this game going away!. Isaac needs to be averaging double figures down the stretch to provide the floor spacing needed for Cade to remain involved offensively, as without that output, the defense was able to lean into Cade and offer up double and even triple teams at times for much of the game… In any case, great win Cowboys, and here is hoping for a rock solid Bedlam outing come Saturday!

If the defense could cut down on multiple defenders going for the block and get someone to box out that could really help in these close games. Crazy how many close shots don’t go in the bucket. That was certainly true for oSu tonight.

Williams and Likekele - The confidence is gone. Likekele has 0 confidence in shooting the ball or shooting free throws and the free throws is the biggest concern b/c he’s good at getting to the line. Williams is in a slump and hopefully he gets out of it b/c we need him to knock down those open 3’s. We don’t need him to drive the lane into a crowd of people and lose it out of bounds (like he does every single game).

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Geart win. We need to go get ou now.
Still the same team tho.
Bad 3 pt shooting. Ft are good as long we since r good shooters to the line. Still almost 20 turnovers. And single digit assist.
We are probably in the dance just keep winning to make sure. And to beat ou is always goood.
Ncaa will let this happen. So its either over or the ban will start next year

We ran some beautiful sets for wide open dunks late in that game, real nice change of pace. Haven’t seen that in years. Okc couldn’t even do it when they had their big 3.

Ice doesn’t need to average double figures. He was forced to find points last year because of how bad Waters was all season and the lack of other scoring threats, but he has that around him now. Especially if Boone and Anderson are doing what they’ve been doing. He’s not out there to score. He’s out there to defend and navigate the game. He did that, never forced a shot and made his only look (a put back off a miss) and had 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and a timely block. He even only had 1 turnover in 33 minutes and it wasn’t his fault. That’s what we need out of him. We have scorers, we just need him to do a little bit of everything else when he’s in. He’s the last person that should be shooting when Anderson, Cade, and Boone are in. I will admit that his two free throws were some of the worst attempts I’ve ever seen though lol.

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He’s needs to remain focused on D and be that DOG not shooting 3s

Too many of you all believe shooting 3s is the answer for every offensive struggle

Driving and kicking out for 3s is accidental basketball

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