Instacap: Oklahoma State Tops Baylor 83-74, Headed to Big 12 Title Game

You have been almost as critical of Boynton as your friend Joe is of Gundy. Don’t pretend otherwise.

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I have been critical yes, and will be. But never said he was crap, or wanted him fired. I have said I like boynton.
So u comparing to joe the obsessed gundy hater is wild.
So ur agenda is what exactly.
If I were a boynton fan i would be enjoy the great win for the cowboys not going around pissing other cowboy fans off by make up chit

Agree, you are not as bad as Joe. But earlier in the season you have often been critical of Boynton’s coaching even when the facts say differently. What would make you better than Joe is to say you were mistaken and coach Boynton is the real deal. Will you say that Robert? Is Boynton a good coach?

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Also, the only cowboy fan I’m pissing off seems to be you. Just saying!

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I’m still critical of him. He is have a great year.
I’m not sure what u have thought u have seen me type. But its not anything more critical then most the people on here.
Cade was a great pick up. I like all the players. That said what will life be after cade.
One thing I’m not that hard on if with two major issues he has had to face. Kick 3 guys off and the possible ban. Bad there r things that will be answered next year.

Well go play with joe then that will be a good fan club.
U talk so lil I didn’t know why u we talking to me.
But I figured it out. Ur still crying about u want to count all top ten wins as top ten wins. I have no idea how thats even critical of boynton. But go a head and cry.

Did anybody tell us if ice is still hurt