Instacap: OSU Beats Iowa State 76-58 in Impressive Showing

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OSU smacked Iowa State to improve to 7-6 in Big 12 play.

Gotta go at least 2-2 these last 4 games and we’ll be above .500 in conference for the first time in 8 years and just the 2nd time since 2010. With tech and OU at home that should be doable. Not expecting wins in Norman or Waco.

Good game. Glad Cade asserted himself in the first half today. Flavors shot very poorly which is disappointing since I thought the last game he played pretty well. A few too many jacked up 3s today. Still needs to be fixed. Boone and MA dominated. Hopefully Ice can rest up this weekend with the time off and come back soon.

Flavors 0-5 on shooting 3’s and boynton doesn’t bat an eye. I don’t think I saw one quality shot from him where you can be fine with him taking that shot.
It’s just poor coaching because it’s towards the end of the season and your veteran player is still doing the same thing he did at the beginning of the season.

Just caught the last 5 minutes on the radio and boynton still doesn’t know when to get mad at his players when needed and still doesn’t call time outs when needed. Hope he did a better job earlier in the game. Team still psycho and his inability to sit players down or get mad at them for playing out of control and taking bad shots caters to this style of play.

Guess boynton is not taking after u. Wonder why ur not a coach.

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It’s crazy what happens when you only turn the ball over 13 times instead of 20. The remaining games are going to be tough.


Hope Cade continues to start fast instead of the dribbling around getting everyone involved. They have played almost a full season, they should all be on the same page. Still waiting for his dominant game,but he’s a total team player that seems to be able to get his points when he wants

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Moncrieffe💪 Going to be good