Instacap: OSU Gets Right on the Road, Defeats Iowa State 81-60

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Rondel Walker and Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe each logged career highs.

Took care of business while Cade was out. Can’t ask for anything more.

I can ask for something more. I would like to see Koumar start using some Super Glue on his hands. The kid just cannot hold onto a ball that comes his way. Terrible hands and he has been a detriment. But a great team effort from guys who must have been pretty tired from the recent Baylor game.
Those black uniforms with just the right amount of orange are the best of their wardrobe.

A win is a win. But that is a ugly win. It should have been a 40pt win.
24 to
Under 50% on ft again
A bad team that was missing 4 starters.
They had a 5’9" player
The list goes on.
Ice really has disappeared.

I said they would be fine. Iowa State is a bad team.

Ice is a average player as I always said. Walker is the best player on this team right now and without him this team would be in trouble. I’m just waiting for one of boytons teams to play a complete game for once and hopefully they get better as the year goes on but man they are all over the place at times.

Careful Robert or people are going to start calling you basketball Joe15.


Don’t even know what to say. I would like to defend myself. Can I say 2 and 14.:joy::rofl::upside_down_face::wink::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face: