Instacap: OSU Survives Three Turnovers, Second-Half Lull to Defeat Baylor 24-14

I don’t disagree, it just surprised me.

Actually I enjoyed it. He has some personality, made some funny comments, enjoyed the game, admitted his 0-3 record in Stillwater, seemed graciously about it…


So bad.
1.) No insight. He just ended up repeating the other guy’s comment back to him because he didn’t know how to play off of it.
2.) Felt phony like he was trying to have personality instead of having it.
3.) Just a long string of guys commenting on an OSU game who hasn’t seen OSU play in ten years and hasn’t been paying attention to the Big 12. Watch some film, man. “Who expected this game to have only seven points at halftime? Big 12 is known for their offense!” That hasn’t been true for probably 5 years at least. Baylor and OSU both came into the game as run heavy offenses with stingy defenses.


Not at all. It was refreshing and a bit surprising how effortlessly funny he was. He’s pretty entertaining already and will only get better and more refined with experience. And of course, as a former player relatively recently, his insights were great. Wouldn’t mind having him on another broadcast this season.

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