Instacap: Shorthanded Cowboys Fall to No. 2 Bears 81-66

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Things got out of hand quickly.

Just got tired got job for the 8

Played a good 30 minutes. Can’t be mad at coach for this loss. Sucks that we played better most of the game with 8 players.

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Considering who didn’t play today, I"m surprised we only lost by 15.


Pokes played the short handed butts off. Ultimately the loss of Cade and Rondel showed up. The 22-1 run by Baylor was only disrupted by 1 timeout by Boynton. The lack of his game management during these runs is getting old. Guys did play hard!

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Those guys did man handle Baylor till they got tired. Well for the guys who r down on boone I got to ask what

Agreed. No shame in losing this game but at the Same time the same second half issues keep coming up. Williams plays the second half different and he kills this team every time and boynton lets him do it.

This team looks like a 7 seed at best, NIT at worst.