Instant Recap: Cowboys Blown Out in Houston, Fall 79-63

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The Cowboys didn’t handle Houston’s dominant defense well.

The conventional wisdom is that 3s win college games. Kansas shows that 2s and free throws win, too.


  • 5 for 21 on 3’s (25%), 12 for 21 on 2’s (57%)
  • 65% on free throws
  • 15 turnovers
  • 7 offensive rebounds to their 12
    All low on fundamentals.

If we keep jacking it, at least put Garrison, McBride, Williams, and Dailey together to crash the Offensive boards.

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Boynton’s philosophy of jacking 3 after 3 after 3 has been the problem all along. Can we please move on?


Gotta cast some shade on the PFB staff here:

“Overall, OSU was much better in the second half, outscoring Houston 42-39, but with how bad things were in the first half, it didn’t matter in the slightest.”

You’re right it didn’t matter but did you watch the game? It was +30 in the second half when Houston called off the dogs. We made the score semi-respectable by scoring double digits in the last two minutes against their walk-ons. But we weren’t ‘better’ in the second half vs. the first.


One observation: we really struggle on inbounds plays – both when we have the ball (trying to get it back in play) and when we are defending (we give up a lot of designed-play baskets).

Pure and simple: that’s coaching.

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Its strange to watch us play because we try to run a whole lot of pick and roll at the top of the key, yet we completely lack ANYONE in the backcourt who can thread a pass to the roller. So defenses consistently hedge hard on the pick knowing that we can’t make that next pass.

Boyton flat out can’t coach and flat out lacks the skills to motivate his players. He needs a whole lot of kelvin sampson in him. Both basketball and football head coaches lack fire. They’ve given in to the society cuddling of kids like a bad parent. Kids respect tough love and what they don’t respect is cuddling.

If you Google coaches pay, both coaches make about $3M/yr. We aren’t getting value, but he gets two year pay as a buyout, if the admin moves.