Instant Recap: Cowboys' Season Ends with 77-62 Loss to UCF in Big 12 Tournament

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A poor second half ends the Cowboys’ season.

Thank goodness this nightmare is over. Partially…
Let’s see if CW steps up a puts an end to this misery and we can get an early start on hiring the next MBBHC.

I am good with Gottlieb or anyone who is a coach and not just a recruiter. Another year of Boynton and the attendance at GIA will never recover


what Mark said…

At least this misery is over until November.

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HCMB has to go. The whole staff has to go. The roster is completely replaceable. OSU basketball, men’s AND women’s, are grease fires. They HAVE to get a new coach, even Doug, to generate some sort of spark.

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Women’s hoops is fine. Hoyt can coach. Injuries really hurt their squad. But for the men, no such excuse exists. And it’s year 7 of Boynton. This was just Jacye’s 2nd season. Women are not a grease fire. Men are a 5 alarm fire. I’d love to see Doug take over. I’d be shocked if Chad has the balls to do it though.


Yay! It’s over!

I have no problems with the MBB roster, just need an actual coach…

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We will lose half of the team to the portal. Boynton set our program back 10 years and millions of dollars.

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Boynton needs fired but he didn’t dig this hole on his own. Holder hired him and gave him a fat bag of cash. He is just as if not more responsible.

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I would disagree with Women’s basketball. Their coach has done a good job considering the injuries issues she’s had to fight through.

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Holder simply paid the cost of doing business if you want to be a big time school. Boynton wasn’t a bad hire and was paid commensurate to coach at a big time school which is what OSU under Holder aspired to be. If his coaching matched his recruiting, he’d have been a star. Unfortunately, he just turned out to be a poor coach. Now Chad has to do his job and fire the current guy who didn’t perform and hire the next guy. That’s the price of being a Big-time school.

My concern, frankly, is that Chad cares more about the relationships than the success and doesn’t have the will to do what’s necessary.

If Chad doesn’t have a pair of balls then he can pack his crap and leave.

Completely off topic and don’t know the appropriate place to post this but congress had a round table on NIL today and thought some of you would be interested in watching. If there is a better location on the forums feel free to move it there.

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I disagree. What makes you think that he doesn’t have what it takes to fire Boynton?
Moreover, why do you think Boynton wasn’t a bad hire by Holder? Boynton had no experience as a head coach. Holder could have hired someone else with some experience for what he decided to pay Boynton. And no way he deserved such a long contract. Just irresponsible.
Fact is, Holder didn’t spend any time or effort to hire Boynton. Easiest thing to do. Holder didn’t care about basketball. Now we’re paying the price for his negligence.

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Feel free to disagree. I don’t know Chad. I do know that he’s been about as wallflower of an AD as I can recall especially when compared to guys like TDP or MH, and so I lack confidence that he can do the hard things, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

As for the contract and Holder’s role, I disagree with you. Boynton was the cheap hire when he was made, no doubt, but when he recruited the #1 draft pick and took OSU to the tourney, he was the lowest paid MBB coach in the Big12. We either had to pay him, or watch him walk. In hindsight, him walking might have been good, but at the time, if we didn’t pay him, we would basically be telling the world that we have no interest in being a basketball school. Holder did what was expected and the contract was appropriate at the time. No Chad has to do what’s appropriate at the time and move us on to the next guy.

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  1. The way Eddie left. Colossal fail.
  2. Sean’s tenure as head coach. Colossal fail.
  3. The Ford era. Colossal fail.
  4. Not paying Underwood. Colossal fail.
  5. Not conducting an actual search to replace Underwood. Colossal fail.
  6. Not telling the NCAA to pound sand on the day they came knocking. Colossal fail.

It’s taken 20 years of bad decisions in the program to reach this depth. Hopefully, it doesn’t take 20 more to get our heads back above water.

Bring Doug home. It’s time. We’ve tried doing it everybody else’s way, and it’s not working. We’ve listened to the excuses long enough. Give us Doug. And if Chad refuses to listen or care about the program, he can pack his bags too. ASAP.

Disclaimer: People will come after me for Underwood. I don’t care. He should’ve been paid. Period. Then Illinois never enters the picture.

I can’t believe I’m stealing a line from Baker……”I woke up feeling dangerous!”

Let’s fight.