Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Beats Kansas State 20-18

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Cowboys survive in Manhattan, move to 5-1.

Ugly but a win. Better get healthy over the bye.


Gundy really needs help in how to run out the clock. Falling on your butt 3 times took 17 seconds off the clock and we never gave a thought to trying to get a first down.

Great win. Help by bad ksu coaching, don’t chase extra points in the first half. We need this bye week. God Sanders got to be, I have no idea.

Only lose so far

That’s call 3 time outs.

Spencer Sanders is holding back the Offense because of his inadequacies. I don’t know how much he has to see from Spencer.

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Good thing k-state sucks. Offense has no continuity what so ever. And I know Tylan was hurt but there’s no reason to only have 108 yards passing. Sanders is supposed to make up for his errant throws with his great running and play making ability but he only had 9 yards running. Just learn to read the defense know where your check down is and get the ball out quick and efficiently and stay on track. We’re going to get killed by OU if this keeps up.


I agree. We didn’t try to get a first down because Gundy doesn’t trust Sanders to not turn it over like he fumbled on the first series.

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Our best path to the Big 12 Championship game is a Covid outbreak on the OU football team before Bedlam


I thought we had a huge stable of top quality receivers. Apparently we have Tylan and Dylan and that’s pretty much it. I also think we need to let LD be the lead back with Chuba as his backup.

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That should answer your question right there!!! Whenever you have to change your play calls because you can’t trust your QB to execute that tells you all you need to know.

Sanders is throwing to Less reciever then last yr. Holds the ball to long and cant hit open receivers. Off line have 4 fumble recoveries. Hope we get some lineman back by ou game.

Offense C
Defense A-
SP Teams A-
Gundy- C

Usually the offense and defense would be switched around in this grade. Let me start first with the:

Offense: Obviously injuries were a good reason for this offense being so inept this game. Hubbard and Wallace practically didn’t play. They are missing three starters from the OL. Sanders is playing hurt, and the OL looks like it tends to regress week by week. I don’t know what’s going on besides injuries, but if they play like that in Norman in a couple of weeks they will be lucky to score in the double digits. This is another reason why I and others on here talk about Gundy’s average recruiting. This game was a perfect example of what happens when you don’t have any good reliable backups to pick up the slack. They are lucky the defense picked it up for them.

They should be doing everything they can to make sure Jelani Woods becomes the main offensive target against OU. I don’t think they have a prayer against OU, but if they do happen to keep it close it’s not going to be because of the OL push or pass protection, or Sander’s pocket presence. If they continue playing musical chairs in the red zone with field goals they definitely won’t win bedlam.

This offense has been inside the red zone 22 times and 10 of those times it’s only been a touchdown. That is not just a failure on the execution part by the players, but also the coaches for not focusing on it enough (more on that later).

Defense- Once again this week the offense put that defense in bad situation after bad situation. Fortunately for the defense not only did they force a couple of turnovers, but they essentially helped an inept offense to seal the game with that defensive touchdown. Even though they faced a true freshman they did what they had to do. Early on I was concerned with the gaping holes K State was able to impose on them, but the defense and Knowles (unlike the offense) made some halftime adjustments and essentially shut down the K State offense.

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen with this defense was the fact they stopped not one, but two 2 point conversions which essentially helped seal the win as well. Klieman may have wished he just kicked the extra point before halftime. My only beef with the defense would have been some of the PI penalties and not having enough focus in the first half.

Special Teams- They did pretty well, but Stoner nearly gave the ball Barack to K State in the fumbled punt and we had the face mask penalty on the kick return. Alex Hale continues to be good and no touchdowns were allowed.

Gundy- We keep saying it game after game. The guy has no balls left if he had any. If you can’t convert on 4th and half a yard to keep the clock running while on the other team’s 44 yard line you need to be punched in the face. LD Brown had gotten some good solid runs in the game and momentum was swinging OSU’s way.

What does Gundy do? He tries to draw them offsides. Takes a delay of game penalty, and punts the ball away. So what happened next? K State in the very next play scampers 58 yards down the field and luckily their QB gives the ball right back to our defense that works so hard to win for us despite incompetent and scared coaching putting all the pressure on them.

I’m interested to know what he does during the practices, because they sure as hell aren’t working in red zone offense, or trying to implement any other personnel or plays into the offense that can work if they don’t have key players. Gundy and his entire staff (Besides Knowles) look like they are just shooting from the hip and procrastinating at the last moment like a C student on a college paper. There is no creativity for the hand they are dealt, and there seems to be no other solid options they plan on going to in the absence of their best players.

About the only positive thing I seen was him actually let the Presley kid get the ball (which he scored) and everything else just looked like a straight crap shoot from the get go. Let me ask you guys a question. Is this something you want to see in the field while paying the guy responsible for it top 15 pay as a coach? If I want to watch an overpaid payroll bandit then I’ll start watching Purdue or Northwestern football.

Red zone offense. If your that bad at it and you know it’s a problem then why don’t you practice it? We know the potential to move the ball is there. What they can’t figure out is how to score touchdowns once they get there. Take advantage of Woods in the red zone if you have to shorten the game up. Geez!!!

Way to long. I know what it’ll say anyway. Gundy A+ for another great win. Did Gundy call the Presley td, or did he just wondered on to the field. I do think Sanders has completely lost it. Did I already say great win.

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A great win for the defense. That’s about it. Jim Knowles and his players win this game. Gundy and the offense decided to stay in Stillwater.

Ok, gotta be honest…I didn’t read your whole breakdown here, Herbstreit. I quit when I skimmed down to this: “We keep saying it game after game. The guy has no balls left if he had any.” What? Apparently you missed the Texas game when we tried to be gutsy at the end of the 1st half and gave up the ball and points. This is kind of a dufus, Gundy-hating comment…

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A win at K-State is a good win these days! Did anybody else hear the commentator say Jelani Woods is our next best option after Tylan and Chuba? That may be a great idea, but that’s hardly the case. Stoner needs some props today. W is a W…Go Pokes!

If they want to beat OU, then they better throw it to Woods about 15 times in that game. There is nobody playing on the OU defense that can cover him in the middle of the field, and the defensive backs are too small to stop him.

You follow the Iowa State vs OU blueprint. You throw the ball to the huge tight end in the middle of the field. You also throw it to him in the red zone when the field shortens.

I hope Kasey Dunn does this and gives Gundy the middle finger when he wants to run the ball behind a bad OL and the run can’t stabilize. OU is going to bring the house against Sanders. Get Woods on one on one coverage with Bookie (because he won’t be able to cover him) and it will be a mismatch all day long until OU adjusts to something different.

Hopefully the injuries all disappear before the bedlam game, and Gundy actually get aggressive against OU.

For the most part he did pretty good. He did fumble on the punt return though.