Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to Oklahoma 41-13

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The Cowboys couldn’t overcome their ghastly start.

Well u guys got what u want a big lose. Will have bugs coming out of the wood work telling us how bad it is.

Illingsworth had fewer sacks and didn’t turn the ball over in more snaps than Sanders when we couldn’t run the ball and had a terrible Oline. Illingsworth missed a lot of throws tonight I’m not here to say he played great. But Sanders keeps making the same mistakes and I blame this on Gundy. Against Texas he had a chance to put Illingsworth in at QB for good and we probably win that game and are still on track to go the big 12 championship game. He didn’t we lost, Illingsworth goes through the next 4 weeks not getting many reps and then when Sanders struggled against OU and gets benched we have to throw him to the wolves and this is what happens. Anytime you start a true freshman QB there’s going to be growing pains but you had a chance to give him the reigns while he was playing good and the team was getting better, you punted on it put him and your team in a bad situation and this is what happens. I’m really disappointed, we’ve gotta make switch there’s no reason for this.

All I’m going to say is he’ll lose one of the next three.

There have been many disappointing bedlams but this is definitely up towards the top of the list

Very disappointing and embarrassing. I think Gundy is scared to play against ou…and the team knows it. I don’t think Sanders is the answer either. The OLine is beat up but there is no imagination in play calling. I’m ready for a change at the top.


2-14!!! What did you think was going to happen?

At least 1 maybe 2 loses in the next 3

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I’m sure they’ll lose to Tech for the 3rd year on a row.

I told everyone that OSU would lose by double digits. Then I got hammered for it.

All I can say is…at least basketball starts Wednesday.

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Coach we appreciate the many years you have given our school. Appreciate that awesome 2011 season and the impact you had on the lives of these young men.

Unfortunately, we don’t see the progress in the program over the past few years. Time to move on and go our separate ways.


There is only really one thing wrong with this team. Injuries. This has nothing to do with Gundy.
And one other factor played a major part in this loss. A team with mainly 3 star recruits played a team with mostly 4 star and some 5 star recruits. That is usually the main reason we lose Bedlam almost all of the time. We are still second rate compared to OU because we lack the talent that they have. Plus, they have a great play book and we obviously do not have that either. So not much of a surprise tonight. No other team who had the number of injuries that OSU has could win either.

Wow, what a great prediction. Ou leads the series 90-18-7 and you predict the Sooners would win by 10 points? No kidding. You’re an idiot.

Good thing we have the best coach we’ve ever had, a championship defense, plus the nation’s best running back and receiver or things may have gotten a bit out of hand.


Better than half the fans who actually thought they had a chance to win. If I’m an idiot then what are they?

He’s 1-3 as a favorite in the series. He’s 2-14 overall. He has a psychological problem when it comes to facing OU regardless of player injuries. We need a younger and more creative coach that desires more than just making a bowl game.

Recruiting is the coach’s job. Play book also the coach’s job.

I think it is the responsibility of the offensive coordinator to go to the boss and point out that the playbook needs an update. Or maybe it is such that the playbook works just fine as long as you have an O line that is healthy and talented. Even so, the lack of distribution to targets suggests the need for a revised playbook. I suggest that Gundy hire a ghost writer for that project. Hand off to the back who creates a cloud of dust up the middle. Very tired of seeing that play. Hire a coach to do nothing but breakdown film of OU’s offense and then copy it since that is what other coaches are doing already.