Introducing The 2020 All-Taylor Cornelius Team

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These five players could go from on the sidelines to fill key roles.

How can you put Logan Carter over Dayton Metcalf! Conspiracy, I say

We are really reaching with this article.

I don’t think we are an injury away from being thin on the DL at all.
We have the following returning
Tyler Lacy
Trace Ford
Isreal Hundley
Brock Martin
Jayden Jernigan
Cameron Murray
Sione ASI
Israel Antwine
Samuela Tuihalamaka
Brendon Evers
As well as
Tyron Irby
Colin Clay
Kody Walterschied
Xavier Ross.
That’s as stocked a cabinet as I I can recall depth wise, for OSU in a long time.


oSu has a history of under utilizing the tight end position (CowboyBack) all the way back to Barry Hanna as a receiver. Let’s see if receivers coach turned new offensive coordinator Casey Dunn finally takes advantage of this hidden resource or if he just goes the obvious Tylan, Stoner etc direction

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