Is College Football Going to Adopt Mike Gundy's Playoff Plan?

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OSU’s head man has been pushing this eight-team plan for years.

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What does “1 Group of 5” mean?

The top ranked G5 team will be in the playoffs, usually the AAC champ, but a few years ago it would have been Western Michigan.

I love the Gundy plan as long as the G5 team meets a minimum criteria… no more than 1 loss and at least 3 P5 wins. Something like that.


From the source of all knowledge…Wikipedia:
“Besides the American, the other four members of the Group of Five are Conference USA (C-USA), the Mid-American Conference (MAC), the Mountain West Conference (MW), and the Sun Belt Conference. The FBS also has six independent schools as of the 2018 season: Notre Dame, Army, BYU, Liberty, New Mexico State, and UMass.”

I love the Gundy Plan!


My only issue with this is, what if there is a 9-3 conference champ one year? They shouldn’t get in.

In all seriousness…since when did this become ‘the Gundy plan’ …there is nothing unique to Gundy about this 8 team playoff and using P5 Conference Champions as the launching foundation and some combo of G5 & at large selections …fans have been calling for this well before Gundy sounded off …come on …

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Nothing is going to happen until the tv contract is up…I think it’s in 2025 (I think). I don’t understand the long tv deal for a brand new process. It’s always about the money. Insert Rihanna money gif.

This is the perfect plan. In my mind the conference champions and the Group of Five auto bids are the most important aspect, (gives every team a legit shot to win a title by taking away brand bias). It’s also best of both worlds because you still have the at large bids, one for Alabama and one for another deserving non conference champion. I have to disagree with @Alum_in_AZ and @RickDalton though, I don’t think there should be exceptions for leaving a Group of Five or a champion with losses out because that brings in bias and starts taking away teams’ ability that can win the championship again. Every team should have a legit shot to win a title at the beginning of the year (if a non-champion is complaining about getting left out and a team with a worse record getting in, they should have won their conference).

Not trying to take anything away from Gundy, but he wasn’t exactly the first one to think of this. Many college football fans across the country stated a playoff should be at least 8 teams even before they came out with the 4 team playoff system.

Yes. I agree it was stupid that they started with 4 team in the playoff to begin with. The current playoff is geared towards ensuring that blue blood schools stay at the top with huge amounts of money continuously coming in.

This is exactly why I want Alabama to miss out on it every year. The only way this situation changes is if Alabama and the rest of the SEC forces it. Nobody cares to listen to the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, or PAC 12.

Well here we are folks. Alabama misses the playoff for the first time and now it’s time to overhaul the current playoff system. Maybe team 5-8 aren’t nearly as good as teams 1-4 but at least they would get that opportunity.

Unfortunately I don’t see Oklahoma State football ever finishing in the top 8 in the country ever again. Just my two cents.

Yes they should get in. All p5 conferences host a slew of great players. I would take a 9-3 pac12 champion over a 10-2 p5 nonchampion every time. I like the argument of winning a p5 conference and getting in to the playoff. I have never bought in to the idea that the big 10 or sec are better than everyone e else and it would be awesome for a #12 p5 conference winner to come in and beat a #2 team in the playoffw

As long as it happens I don’t care what it is called. “Gundy Plan” is good on PFB for me!

I can’t argue much with you on that position. But since the selection of a G5 champion is already subjective (which one?), then I think there could/should be some criteria.

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