Isaac Likekele & Ben Simmons

Rick Barry had one of the highest FT percentages in NBA history (89.3% over 14 years). Barry shot his FTs underhanded.

Yet, over the last four decades, no one else has tried this that I know of – why wouldn’t Likekele try this? Why not Ben Simmons?


He really could do worse lol

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Professor Urich talks about this in one of his classes. I think it’s because no one wants to do it because it is weird and not normal even though I’m sure there are some players who can’t get much worse if they gave it a try.

Malcolm Gladwell did a whole episode on this for Revisionist History. Google it! It’s great. Fun fact from the episode, Wilt shot free throws underhanded in his 100 point game. He was like 18-21 that night. Stopped shooting underhand after that game because it made him feel silly. Imagine if Wilt had kept shooting free throws underhanded. He literally would’ve been unstoppable!


His son Canyon did