Isaac Likekele Dealing with Foot Injury

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Likekele wasn’t on the floor late against TCU.

■■■■ that sucks

It’ll be fine. We got flavors back
And walker will start

It still sucks though. Makes it that much harder on the rest of the team.

I agree something happened last year it did hurt us then but we have more options this year

I’m not as confident as you - he’s our best player.

There is no winning without the Ice Man. He is that good period.
Let’s face it. With all of these injuries it just ain’t OSU’s year for basketball.
So coach Boynton, do this talented group of players a favor and go recruit a bone fide center for next season. No more beanpoles under the basket.
Will the reason for Yor transferring forever remain a mystery?

Coach B if the nagging injury to Ice’s foot isn’t a concern then don’t bring it up. I’m tired of the damm excuses year after year. Next man up!

Lol please tell me your joking he’s a decent player

I am not talking about Ice.
Boone is decent but underweight. Decent means mediocre. We need champions as players in order to start winning championships. In the Big 12 that means big men under the basket.

You said we can’t win without ice he’s that good period. Like I said please tell me your joking about that statement

When healthy he’s a matchup nightmare for other guards.
He’s obviously not a good outside shooter, but he excels in all other areas.
Look at last season - when he wasn’t 100%, Pokes couldn’t win a game.

U talk about ice as are best player?

Yes - when healthy.

Hm I guess we have different definitions of the best player, He’s a terrible shooter and his decision making has literally gotten worse every year.

When healthy, he’s our best defensive player. As I acknowledged, he’s not a good shooter, but he is a great ball handler and passer, especially in transition.
Look at our record last year when he was healthy versus either out or not recovered from mono. I think it was 11-1 when healthy versus 7-13 when not.

Lol is all I can say