It Appears Some OSU Fans Threw Seat Cushions at Texas Players

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This isn’t a great look.

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Salt on an open wound. Embarrassing.

If anything they should be throwing their seat cushions at Spencer Sanders (turnovers) and Mike Gundy (For not pulling Sanders).

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Drawback of having fans so close to the opposing bench. Fans give it to the players all game and then when the opposing team wins in a close emotional game, they give it back, and then this happens. Just like Bedlam in 2013 with the snow/ice balls. Bad look for sure.

Joe u r those fans. Those r fans there fanatics. Who to say they weren’t Texas fans giving spoils of war.

Joe - you are a disgusting human being and not an OSU fan that I would ever want to be associated with…

What? How can you get mad at the Texas players for doing what they needed to for winning the game? Those cushions should fall directly in Gundy and Sander’s heads.

Oh my goodness, have you ever sat on those cushions? They are not that soft! Very dangerous!

Notice the Texas players are holding the cushion upside down I bet Oklahoma State players don’t become crybaby pissy pants and cry to the big 12 about how Texas did about the horns down the fucking pussies