It Might Be Time to Start Thinking About Alternatives for the CFB Season

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Summer?! Spring? Two seasons in one year?

I know the number is skewed to the positive simply by the people that were asked the question about a college football season this year. That being said, 75% gave it a 7 or better chance out of 10. I’m hopeful.

The end of college sports. Quit being absurd Kyle… a delayed football season for spring .ok reasonable opinion but quit being ridiculous.

Health care, Work, culture, sports will all be changed moving forward.

This site has always made hay with extreme hyperbole, but we’re approaching new territory with the hyperbole that’s coming out of this event. I wish everyone, not just this site, took a more measured approach to what they are saying about this crisis and spent less time listening to the social media “experts”.

The result of respouting nonsense is more nonsense, until a bunch of people don’t know the difference between nonsense and reality and go out and buy a barn full of toilet paper because of a respiratory disease.