It's Monday, Here are 15 Thoughts on a 10-Minute Chuba Highlight Video

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It’s even better than you think.

I could write an entire article on how great chuba is, but I’ll start with; how easily does he make a ten yard run look? Barry, at times, made it look magical. Chuba makes it look so easy. Both are great but in different ways.

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Kasey Dunn better not be doing anything to revive the Beaver offense, considering he’s still cashing Cowboy paychecks. (Edit) with a second reading I understand what the author is saying here. The offense that the pokes ran against the beavers. My apologies.

@kyleporterCBS posts like this should happen more often. Even if they’re throw backs to 2011 :man_shrugging:

Dude is a maple powered freight train and I love it. Give me all the kool-aid I am stoked for next year!

I’m seriously looking forward to the 2020 highlights!!!