Jaden Bray, Blaine Green to Miss Cowboys' Season-Opener against Central Michigan

Originally published at: Jaden Bray, Blaine Green to Miss Cowboys' Season-Opener against Central Michigan | Pistols Firing

Bray had a strong freshman season.

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So it starts 1 lneman 2 recievers and 2 cw backs. And a rb.hope most are back next game. We got guys to cover

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Yes we know. You have your excuses ready for when we have a defensive stand to keep from going to overtime with Central Michigan.

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What’s wrong with Bray does anyone know?

Nagel tweeted Bray has a cast on his wrist

Thank god we have a ton of guys

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Who’s the offensive lineman?

No surprise tho. The o-line needs to burn some sage in side boon stadium. Some real spirts roaming for years

What I’ve seen through the first quarter so far for us:

  • too many punts

  • Spencer Sanders underthrowing open guys

  • Braydon Johnson doesn’t know how to catch a football

  • Dominic Richardson looks incredibly slow

  • Our pass defense sucks so far

  • We’re playing down to the level of competition

  • Jim McElwain is out coaching the entire OSU coaching staff

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Alright maybe settling down a bit. I wanna see ollie Gordon. Not sure with this offensive line it would matter.

Offensively speaking we look good at passing. Our rushing sucks outside of Spencer Sanders. Pass protection looks good. Run blocking looks okay.

Defensively speaking we look pretty solid at stopping the run. Our pass defense is going to need a lot of work though.

If I recall in Knowels defense the middle of the field was open a few times.

Cornerbacks need to get their heads turned

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I’m just going to say the cowboys will never have an offensive line as long as gundy is there

Why did we not pull out starters after that first drive of the second half?

Can someone explain to me why we just let a G5 QB from a MAC team that can’t even make their conference title game complete 75% of his passes for 420 yards?