Jalon Daniels out?

Is he out for season or not? I’m not rooting for any college kids to get seriously injured, and I was kind of even rooting for KU, but that does make our road easier if it turns out to be true

Wish more people in media would hold their colleagues accountable. Too many of them go with the “throw it on the wall to see if it sticks” method. I bet that person won’t be freelancing for that Lawrence paper much longer. How hard would it have been to call the SID, get Jalon’s number, and ask him first hand?


I’ve heard otherwise but I guess it’s a wait and see

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Here’s to hoping he’s out when we play him. Other than that, hope he plays…

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The problem with that is that we hope he plays vs Goon, but then he sits vs us. Virtually impossible. :joy:

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OU plays them this weekend, but they don’t need him against OU.

Hehe! Bet you never thought you’d say that.