James Washington's Logo

James Washington posted a link to his merch line on Instagram. I know athletes like to incorporate their number and initials (Russell Willson, Tom Brady, Chris Paul come to mind right away) but the styling of James’ logo is what bothers me…

I get that it matches him almost perfectly. He’s looking for Bushmaster, Mossy Oak, and Bass Pro Shop sponsorships, not Braun or UGGs, right?

What do you guys think?

I mean from a design standpoint, it’s not my style. But it’s pretty spot on for JW.

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Are they kind of supposed to be antlers/hands? I see the JW at the bottom, but I think this sells more to the hunting or UFC type than the football type.

Definitely different.

I believe it is just a W with 13 accented. At the same time, the 13 looks like JW a little

He’s looking for sponsorships…pistols firing jump on this. How many hits did James Washington give to the site lol.

I dig it. I’d buy the hat, if it weren’t that style of hat.

Lots. He gets free PFB+ for life!

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I’m not surprised by his logo choice at all, considering where he’s from and what he does in his free time.

Nice orange shirt, I’m glad he still feels it’s a good idea to market to the Cowboy crowd.

Deer antlers? I’m not sure what to think. Whatever it represents, it’s too obscure for me to figure out.