Jason McEndoo's Son, Luke, Commits to Play at Oklahoma State

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/jason-mcendoos-son-luke-commits-to-play-at-oklahoma-state/

McEndoo has been stellar at Stillwater High.

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I wonder where he will fit in at? On the offense or defense?

Looks like a good fit at Cowboy Back.

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Glad for him and hope that he finds success but if your a tight end this school is not for you unless you have nowhere else to go. I don’t see him or his dad staying 4 more years. Jason has produced and recruited absolutely nothing. I say they get rid of Jason and that wasted position coach and hire a special teams coach with the money. I am convinced that gundy could have all 5 stars and still couldn’t win the big twelve.

Fit meaning a walk on at that position yes.