Jayden Jernigan Commits to Missouri

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/jayden-jernigan-commits-to-missouri/

The former OSU DT is headed to the SEC.

Hate to lose Jernigan. Good player … and feel like OSU took good care of him through COVID situation.

I assume he wants more playing time.

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I wish him well at Missouri.

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Does anyone know the PFB equivalent for the Sooners? Wanna see the meltdown over there with Williams possibly leaving


Was this transfer due to a NIL arrangement at Mizzou?

This doesn’t make sense, is he from Missouri ?

Two lines of thinking from Sooner fans.

  1. Gabriel is better than Williams anyway (wishful thinking)
  2. Williams is a traitor for running out on OU (So much irony)
  3. No one person is greater than OU so good riddance to Williams
  4. Williams is leaving for more NIL money (It’s so unfair!) :slight_smile:
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All 4 are hammer hits nail !!! I’ve read all the excuses and what nots , I know where you got it all and it’s true. Stays or leaves, they will be better off ?! ?!