Jaylen Warren '100%' Entering Fiesta Bowl

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‘I’m 100% right now.’

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Hopefully Dunn rally’s around him also and makes him a better call player like the rest of the team.

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Could’ve used a 12% Jaylen Warren 3 weeks ago for 7 downs.

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Still blows my mind that he was dressed out and could not go at all. Why dress out then? Weird.


Any chance Godlevske plays?


Let’s hope we didn’t build our entire game plan around him this time. Dunn should plan this game like his job is on the line. I don’t know how much our defense will be affected with Knowles gone but I feel like we like we need to depend on our offense to win. If we can’t run with Warren I hope we really bust out the QB run game or really open up the rpo. This offensive line worries me against the Irish.


Or a QB that’s athletic enough to get those with his feet. I wonder what’s Spencer’s 40 time is.

Gundy yesterday said Danny G. definitely cannot play in the bowl game.

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Jaylen Warren played against Tech and Bedlam but was not fully healthy for either game. By playing in those games he aggrivated his existing injuries and that is why he did not play vs Baylor. That is what makes sense to me. But questioning how he could be healthy enough to play against Tech and OU but not the title game makes no sense to me. It just seems like such a common sense thing to figure out.