John-Michael Wright to Return to OSU Basketball in 2023-24

Originally published at: John-Michael Wright to Return to OSU Basketball in 2023-24 | Pistols Firing

OSU retains an important piece for next season.

Today the day transfers start hitting the portal?

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If losing motivates, then we must be the most motivated program on the planet. With a coach that doesn’t know how to coach.

If he’s our starting PG next year, its going to be a very long season and another non NCAA tournament. He’s not a facilitator and is a ball hog. Boynton let him do whatever he wanted. He’s a terrible 3 point shooter and takes bad shots. He went 0-8 against WV, 2-6 against Baylor, 1-8 against Tech, 2-6 against OU, 1-7 against Texas, 1-6 against Youngstown st…so on and so on. And NOW Anderson is in the portal.

I would think Boynton would want to keep AA instead of Wright ?? :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m hoping JMW knows and is ok with being a backup PG while we fish another PG out of the portal. I’m guessing Avery wants to be the #1 guy so that’s why he left. At least that’s what I hope because if JMW is the primary ball handler next year we’re gonna be SOL in March again.

He is not a PG in the Big 12. We need a better ball handler. Probably had no other alternative.