John Smith Expects AJ Ferrari, Other Freshmen to Start this Season

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John Smith says you’ll “likely” see Ferrari as the starter at 197

Tip of the Stetson to John Smith because he traditionally does not like to start freshmen. The dual record might not be as good as it could be without Fix but the team should be ready to do very well for end of season tournaments.

I really thought we would see Daton at 125, Kaid at 133, Kaden or Dusty at 141, and Boo at 149. Could one or more of them not pull the weight?

Best part of the winter is getting hyped for wrestling season! (Though let’s not lie, I’m hyped all year long!)

Maybe Fix will go 125 and JS is being sly. He could take a few pointers from Cael’s playbook of secrecy :slight_smile: