JT Thor or Donovan Williams

247Sports has both Thor and Williams as 100% going to OSU. But, with the recent commitment from Flavors, only 1 scholarship remains. So, to keep the debate about the basketball roster going, who do you think we will get? Which of the two would you like to have the most? And a real question from me, what happens if they both commit?

Definitely Thor, if we only get one of them. Can’t imagine both committing, unless they’ve been told that there will be two spots available.

Having said the above, I have no clue which one (if either) actually commits.


I tend to agree with you, though Williams could have some good size for the 21-22 team after Cade is in the NBA. I’m really most curious about having two big targets, some transfer prospects, and only one scholarship. Is it first come, first serve when it comes to scholarships?

We need Thor. We desperately need a 6’10" guy who can shoot from the outside.

However, if you want a guy who can develop with the program and play for at least 3 years, Williams. Thor doesn’t offer that, as he could be a dark horse one-and-done guy.


Thor is twice the player of Williams. And he fits a much bigger need.

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I want both pretty bad. Thor fits an immediate need of a stretch 4 for next season’s team. Williams is a 6’ 5” guard that can create his own shot and will be around the program for awhile. Kind of reminds me of Tavarius Shine and might even have a higher upside.

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Shine never did the things Williams has done. Williams has much higher ceiling than Shine


Definitely take both if we have the opportunity