Junior College Linebacker Xavier Benson Commits to Oklahoma State

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Early Signing Day is Wednesday.

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Good get.

Needs more tackling on the dummy.
Need all we can get

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He will move us up to 3rd place in the big 12. But, will bring r per player number down.
He started for tech, and the defensive player of the year in his league.
I could find his hs # but it was probably around .85.
I think it should be about the same.
Him and bishop will be 4th year guys. I dnt think we have any recruits in that class.
This is the spot we need 2 guys to step up and fill.

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Good get, if we could get that Sledge it would be a nice bump here at the end.

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Does Sledge play safety?! Hammer’s the coach. Sledge Hammer!!!

Haha, that would be awesome. But no he’s a 315 pound nose tackle. I think he’s probably going to Auburn though

Buy my account we have 2 scholarships left plus the one with the line men leaving.
Also ,I have asked this before. A super seniors doesn’t count towards the 85. So, any super seniors we get off portal would be free rite.
Desean brown got his ou offer finally so dnt count on him