Justin Blackmon on 2023 Ballot for College Football Hall of Fame

Originally published at: Justin Blackmon on 2023 Ballot for College Football Hall of Fame | Pistols Firing

Blackmon would be the fifth former OSU player to be inducted.

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I hope he’s doing well . This would be huge for everyone involved :crossed_fingers:t2:


No doubter IMO. I know I’m biased but dude was straight up dominant, two time bilentikoff winner gotta be in.


He was such a dominant force in college and had the talent to be a top tier WR in the pros. It’s a shame it didn’t work out.
Hope he’s doing well and that he gets in (as he should).


There is no doubt when he played he was always the best on the field. It’s a shame we were robbed of the chance to win the NC that last year. There is no doubt in my mind we would have won it. We were robbed in 2011…


Most dominant payer on the field every time he took the field.
Loved Holgy’s coaching to Weeden, “I would throw it to Blackmon.”

Saddle up, lets do this. Wheres the Beef?

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Crabtree won the Biletnikoff twice at Tech, Blackmon would have been a better pro than him though… straight up stud !!

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Best college receiver I’ve seen to date imo. Only one of two receivers to win the biletnikoff twice.

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Holy batshitzle. Joe must have found a left over pain med in the crack of his lazy boy.


That’s a pretty solid burn.