Kansas Game Proves How Difficult It Is to Defend Pokes

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Kansas tried three different defenses against the Pokes.

They need to understand what’s being thrown at them and away the team can beat it

I guess I miss understand this article. The did only score 75 rite. The second half the scored 29. Not see the same offense. Oh they beat Kansas so mow their a juggernaut

I guess I misunderstood this article. They only scored 75, right? The second half they scored 29. I’m not seeing the same offense. Oh, they beat Kansas so now they’re a juggernaut.

Is this what your asking?

When the Cowboys are not running wild and rushing or throwing bad passes, in the past they always played better when they played at high speed. When some of them stand around on offense is when they lose. Against Kansas they looked like some of the better Cowboy teams of the past. Just imagine if that was a full house last night, they would have dropped in even more points again KU. They were on fire that first half. The intensity seems to feed off of Likely and Cade. Too many games this season it has been mainly just Likely playing super fast while Cade is quietly doing his thing. That has to stop and instead they need to come out of the chute on fire like last night. Really impressed by how much of a team effort we finally saw because of Bryce Williams and Avery Anderson also showing what they are capable of in addition to Rondell Walker. But each game I still grieve over not having Yor in front of the basket. With Yor there is a chance we are undefeated at this point. Hopefully the coaches work now work on countering the defense that slowed us down in the second half because OU is sure to use the zone. The ability to make adjustments that work is what separates great coaches from good coaches. Bill Self got outcoached last night. How many seasons can OSU keep going without a legit big man under the basket? As good as Yor was he was still the typical OSU type beanpole center. Really surprised there isn’t a wannabe Big Country out there somewhere who wants to fill that role and become a star in Stillwater. With the talent we now have on this team no one would be able to stop us from scoring with a legit center. More blocked shots and more rebounds would make us undefeated at this point. Go get yourself a big man Boynton.

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