Kansas Notebook: Cowboys Get Well against the Jayhawks

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OSU bounces back against KU, back in driver’s seat for a trip to Arlington.

Great win for the Pokes!!! So much fun.

My 10 random thoughts just for fun:

  1. The helmet design I created about a month ago is almost an exact reverse replica of what we saw last night. Uni game was lit for Homecoming.

  2. If you were looking for some humor after the game, I saw a guy dressed as Winnie the Pooh chugging a beer. Oh bother! :joy:

  3. Is Jason Taylor II getting into the Bednarik conversation? Maybe he should be.

  4. I know it was just Kansas, but boy Kasey Dunn is starting to figure out how to playcall into a rhythm.

  5. I know Kansas is not good, but my goodness our defense continues to put up insane numbers. KU’s offense looked like a snail going for a jog in molasses.

  6. Speaking of the impact of our defense, MRod had 6 tackles, and it didn’t even matter. We too deep! A plethora of guys continue to make plays.

  7. John Paul Richardson is going to become Dillon Stoner 2.0. That diving grab in the endzone was money.

  8. Spencer is a much more accurate QB on the run. The throw to Tay in the back right corner was grown-man stuff. So was the catch.

  9. Loved seeing both Greens make an impact. I don’t see how they haven’t both cracked the starting lineup.

  10. Warren Clay as Pistol Pete Partner of the Game was straight fire! So good in fact, he comes in second only to my son in 2018 vs Texas at Homecoming.

Bonus thought: It’s Sunday, October 31st at 3:34pm and…OU STILL SUCKS!!!

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The greens were starters at least one at a time. Health has been their deal.
U guys kill me when it comes to dunn.
The things I saw and want to take to other games is the execution. 1 flag is more the u can ask for but , Lee’s flags would be great. Players doing their jobs was well done.

I complimented Dunn. His playcalling was good the past 2 or 3 weeks. What more do you want?

Is it dunn learning his job or all the new players learning the plays.
Only 4 starters were here 2 tears ago. Only 6 were here last year. Add in the 2 deep its even worse.
When players are not in the wrong spot and not getting bonehead flags the plays look a lot different

pre season scrimmage it was nice…i wouldnt make a big deal of it…building reps and confidence
40 yrd field goal…++++++

long trip for an away game…distractions…waiting around n sleep
must maintain momentum…staying focused…put a foot on their neck

qb must maintain…
wv will focus on our running game
no interceptions fumbles

no long plays
special teams/ FG