Kasey Dunn Lists a Handful of Outside Receivers Battling for Snaps

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OSU has the tall task of replacing Tylan Wallace.

Sound great. This will be good competition.

If the true freshman are better than the guys we already got then play them Dunn

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I would be willing to bet that you never see the freshman till maybe the bowl game. Sure hope they are excited to play in the pinstripe bowl.

Why is Anderson still here? 1 pass in two years means go away.

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At OSU a transfer 3☆ always beats out a freshman 4☆.

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Kasey Dunn could pick the best receivers possible to play but it doesn’t mean they’ll get to play. The ones with the most cowboy culture will play because Gundy will override Dunn. Just wait and see.

Thats why we go for 3 :star2: tranfers.
I’m lost though. What 3 star tranfer started the season last year.