Kendal Daniels Announces 2024 Return with 'Tombstone' Clip

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‘We started the game we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?’

Hope he is at 110% this yea. He did save some energy for next year. He will probably be gone next year.

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That video might is the best announcement for returning I’ve ever seen


105 tackles to go along with 105 missed tackles.

Jokes aside, he had a better season stat-wise than the impression I got from watching him. But don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked he’s returning. Wish him the best for next year!

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Just curious to know in advance. What’s the excuse going to be when we don’t win a Big 12 championship after returning a majority of starters and don’t suffer significant injuries?

When we lost to texas i didnt hear any excuses.

That’s my entire point. What are the excuses going to be with Texas and OU no longer in the conference? All these players coming back, and if no significant injuries happen. Then what’s going to be the excuse? Because most of us reasonable folk on here know that nobody with orange shades on is going to dare and blame anyone on the coaching staff.

If your so " reasonable " you have 2 option. You know were losing so leave with out looking like a delusional crazy person. 2nd staty like the delusional crazy person and blame any one you feel. Yes we know it the second

Lets make a deal at the beginning of next year you predict the record. If they coming in higher the you cant say chit for a year. Only good stuff. We should have made that bet this year.

If we’re returning most of the starters, and don’t have significant injuries then we should go a minimum of 10-2 with a Big 12 Championship (CCG win that is). Are you sure you want to make that deal? Or are you yellow?

Its has nothing to do with me. You going high for your bet. So it makes it easy for you
Im not the one blame or crying.
I used 21 and last year has 2 years you picked them lower. 22 definitely had injury issues. If the team does better then you think they will, how do you have the balls to cry.
Its not yellow. Because i dnt have the crying issues.

So basically, you don’t think this team is going to win a conference title? Looks like the last 12 years is starting to make you learn. Good stuff.

I didnt say that. I feel we can win the title.

Looking at things today. 7 months alot still can happen.
We dnt play ku or arizona. Both have serious issues. But i think one of them could be in the title against us. Arizona didnt look that good as people say. Ku has to keep Daniels healthy.

I’m willing to put my money on “key” injuries if we struggle next year with all the returning players. We all have high expectations but we’ll see how things go. I remember a certain hype year with players on the front of sports illustrated that ended up being a complete letdown.

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That’s exactly my point. You FEEL we can, but the last 12 years has taught you to draw back on making that prediction. Too afraid to be wrong.

You made my point. You only talk about titles. Why are you still post. You and i know what your post. Im not afraid. Of what. Im sure their are ou ksu and ku fans saying their teams are winning a title. Rite now ive got us in the title game.

How do you want to build a program to make the CFP then?

All sort of was. Which you will never look at. You daddy jug says were a 4th place team
Using ties like you guys do. We are 3.7 take of the first year 3. 2. Since 2009 we have only finish lower then 3rd 3 times. That is 3rd.

2012- 4th
2014- 7th
2018- 7th
2019- 4th
2022- 5th

I don’t like liars. Especially when they lie to people who know how to find information.

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Did you miss your own memo, like you im counting ties.
You look silly dont you. By the why got those also off a site. How you like them apples.

Then you should probably list your source then. I listed mine. Also, sport reference is the #1 source for statistics and standings. Unlike you, I typically take head to head into account when it comes to a tie as well. Luckily for you, I didn’t do that this time. So what you see from my post is accurate. Go try your tricks on someone else :wave:.

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