Kenny Monday Hired as Morgan State Head Wrestling Coach

Originally published at: Kenny Monday Hired as Morgan State Head Wrestling Coach | Pistols Firing

Monday won a national title as a Cowboy in 1984.

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Maybe im off. But, monday has been running a semi pro caliber program for years. He ihas quit a resume as a wrestler. Going to this school seem a step backwards.
I think it tells us why his sons didnt come to osu. I think he could do more at a real university. I just find things people do counteractive as they think there doing good.

A coach has to start somewhere, and from there, climb the ladder to a more established and successful program. Since I live in Baltimore, I look forward to John Smith helping out Kenny Monday by bringing the Cowboys here to Morgan State so I can see them live.
Maybe we’ll eventually get some Monday coached talent to transfer to OSU?
But it does seem strange that Morgan State will have a wrestling program.
OSU should host a fairly big tournament just with the universities that are coached by former OSU wrestlers. I think I will email that great idea to John Smith. I am sure he will at least get a chuckle out of it before hitting the delete button. Morgan State has a scenic campus.
Still a mystery to me why neither of the Monday sons ended up as a Cowboy. When Kenny was coaching Texas high school wrestling he used to have a pipeline to Stillwater.

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Perhaps, he wanted to revive a wrestling program at an HBCU. Maybe there’s something about him that is not as attractive to Power 5 schools. I don’t know, but I’ll support him and hope he does well at Morgan State.


I wish Lanham well, very nice gentleman who was around Stilly when I was there. He succeeded a friend and former rooommate, Clar Anderson at Duke. You talk about an uphill battle, no scholarships for wrestlers at Duke, unless they changed that, a VERY expensive school and also quite academically demanding. I think Clar had one All-American in all his time there, which is still impressive, considering what I just said.

Maybe he just wants to be HC at an HBCU. Nothing wrong w/ that at all, build a legacy at a school w/ not a lot of tradition. Kenny was coaching in Florida before for an MMA team (Blackzilians) but got fired from that gig which most believe was a political move, then moved to North Carolina.

That move to Florida to coach the Blackzilians probably hurt oSu wrestling more than anything of late, even AJ’s dismissal, cause we haven’t been really good since he left, and not saying it’s only cause of Monday.

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