Ketchup slice prick or whatever

Hey @KetchupSicle you ready for that move to the SEC

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He is not. He just want to hang with the big 8 teams.

How bout that defense @KetchupSicle?! ■■■■!

Wish our coach played OU like Tulane’s coach did.

What is ketchup slice, should he not be paste slice. I still go with tomato slice

Here we go

Close only count in horse shoes and hand grenades

He put them in the position to win. Gundy did not. I don’t care if “close doesn’t count.” They had the chance to win, we did not after the first 10 minutes of play.

I think that just shows more about riley.

I’m glad Riley found a way to put them in a place to win against Tulane. Can’t wait for jerry Jones to hire him ……… hooray :grin: :tada:

Oh your talking about willie , yea he did a good job.

Yeah I’m talking about the Tulane coach. Riley had a poor performance as well as Rattler. I guess if you’re named Spencer and you play QB in the state of Oklahoma you just naturally underperform.


I think rattler worked him way out of that #1 draft pick slot . Just IMO

Riley didn’t have a good game. But the Tulane coach went for it on 4th down 6 times. Why? Because when you’re out talented and down big you have to take shots. Something we do not do. Who cares if it doesn’t pay off when you’re already down 3 touchdowns you at least tried something.


I just don’t get why ol ketchup doesn’t have anything to say on an osu blog today. I for one believe it’s the split wound between his legs.

I probably wouldn’t show up if I was him for a few days.

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Well my thoughts are me and you can disagree all day long in the end we love Oklahoma State. His motive is for nothing but to act superior and act knowledgeable, am I to far off on that assumption?

No ur not. He likes to bend what people say, so to get points. He also in for a big surprise, how much money ou will have to pay in the end.

Yeah you and I disagree on some things but I’ve got no issues with you at all.

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And also rattler being this number one overall pick ? I’m not convinced