Khalil Brantley to Make College Decision June 26

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Will OSU use its final scholarship on the NYC guard.

Save the scholarship IMO.

Fill your biggest need first. A guard for the future is not on the wish list. A big man under the basket is an absolute necessity to compete at championship level. We now have a team that will do well in pre-conference play and do well in Big 12 and make it to the tournament but will not win the Big 12 or advance very far in the NCAA tournament without big man. 2 NCAA championships when we had Bob Kurland as center. Final Four when we had Big Country. Live and die by the 3 point and perimeter shooting has not worked. We have lost too many games because of being outrebounded. Those problems diminish once you add a big man. I guess Boynton realizes there is no qualified big man left to recruit. He figures that we don’t need another Bernard Kouma.

Baylor just won a national championship without a dominant big man. Guards and wings have become so big and so athletic that it’s hard for a big to dominate. Kurland was routinely a foot taller than anyone else on the floor, that type of height advantage doesn’t exist anymore.

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Your takes…:-1:t3:

Let’s reserve judgment day till the end of next season. I’ve been watching OSU basketball since 1966 starting with Hank Iba teams at their worse. No improvement until Leonard Hamilton showed up who stopped the segregation.

I’m not sure what saving the scholly does anymore with the portal here now. It used to be you might hold onto to one to land a kid at semester, but I think the portal is making that thought process no longer. Kid benefits from just waiting until the end of the season now to transfer.