Kick Times, TV Info Announced for OSU Football's Nonconference Slate in 2022

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All games are in the evening.

Revenge tour starts September 1st. GO POKES

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What if they beat us again?

Shouldn’t count, be positive. I’m sure it’s in Gundys head not to let them hang around and let them even believe they have a chance.

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I want to believe that. I really do, but at the same time Gundy is the same guy that made sure Missouri State and Tulsa hang around for way too long with an OSU team that finished #7 in the country last season :man_shrugging:.

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I understand if it was OU or perennial top 25 we are going up against. The Tulsa game I personally would like to blame the stubborn offensive game plan. The other game the absence of Sanders and stubborn play calling again. The last time we played these guys yeah we got screwed but our offense was garbage. Imagine with even ole Cornelius having the defense we did last year what we could had done in that year. We got this bro. Baylor, OU, K-State, and Iowa St are the only ones that worry me. Unless it’s a crazy year in college football.

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Hey Joy. You point tulsa was bad. Let’s cincy didn’t run away inthe tulsa game. Cincy had a TITLE and a PLAYOFF birth. Again joy stop your useless comparisons. I hope you dnt let your family read this, besides jug, they will never respect you again.

Cincy also didn’t find themselves forced to crawl back from a 28-7 deficit to beat ND either. They controlled the game from start to finish.

Wins are a win. Cincy didn’t beat 3 top 10 teams either.

They didn’t need to. They went 13-0 and didn’t lose to a middle of the road conference team.

Do you smile when you make excuse for other teams coaches players.

Do you? Oh wait!!! Yes you do lmao.

Yes your rite. I do smile and giggle reading your excuses. But, I have told you that. One of the perks putting up with you. I would call it the evolution of a moron but you never have evolved.

You’re the one here trying to convince me that 2nd place and 9th place is the same. So who’s the one that needs to evolve here?

Joy the only the I have said is 2nd is the first loser. You carrying on about anything and everything shows you haven’t and won’t evolve. Go back to your goon site and argue with them if riley wouldn’t have left it could be a natty your. Or some crazy talk you do

Better tell your buddy Michael that. According to him you’ve done just as much as the 9th place team even if you’ve finished 2nd.

Dude it’s just something for you to cry about. Just let things go. You dig holes that are to deep unless you going to China or burying an elephant.

But what if they don’t negative Joe?

Imo if they can’t put up 40 on Central then should fire Dunn,& Bring in Zac Robinson at last

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So if we put up 40 on central Michigan does that mean you gurls will never cry about the offense again. Yea I doubt it.