Kirk Herbstreit is Right About Conference Realignment

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"…we’re now in an arms race and it’s about the money.”

I read an online article entitled Its OK to be a K State Wildcat. It stated college sports used to be regional with traditional rivalries and sometimes you were good, sometimes you weren’t and that was OK. Now its “Show me the money”. Texas A&M got tired of the Texas beat down and left for greener pastures. If the Aggie Longhorn rivalry can go away, so can Bedlam. To quote Nancy Reagan “Just say no” to Bedlam. I’m done with those money grubbing ………………… (fill in the blank).

I find it somewhat ironic that Herbstreit is lamenting the “good ol’ days” when the network he works for has been worshipping the SEC for years. Perhaps if they showed a little more balance in their narrative, this wouldn’t have happened.

Also, my opinion on Bedlam is that OSU should absolutely, positively, tell OU to go pound sand. They shouldn’t get everything they want and I personally don’t think it does OSU any good to lose to them every year. Unless OSU gets bumped completely out of the power 5, it doesn’t make any sense to maintain that rivalry. (Although it is enjoyable to annually beat them in nearly every other sport besides football).


Kris is one of the few I like on espn.

Yep I agree, OU can go pound sand and for those who think we should play them just for the money and exposure F that. We can start a go fund me or something if OSU needs the money that bad and winning games is the only exposure we should concern ourselves with.

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Also just a couple of rando thoughts on the cessation of bedlam. I guess it’s going to suck for those business that sell “House divided OU/OSU” license plate brackets, flags, etc. Also did you know the paisley design on OSU uniforms includes a cowbell that represents bedlam? Knowing that pisses me off and makes me sad all at the same time.

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Herbie has merely stated what everyone already realizes. Greed rules now in almost all aspects of life and college football is taking a turn for the worse. You are in a super conference that has so many teams that you can’t play each one in one season, teams have to rotate years when they face each other. I never liked that aspect. But the NCAA let conference sizes get out of hand and now it’s out of control.
It’s no longer college football per se. It has become made for tv reality show type entertainment made possible by the big bucks. This is the modern world we live in. Values and ethics don’t pay the insanely inflated coaches’ salaries, but tv networks makes this all possible. He who holds the gold calls the shots. Our world and welcome to it.


I’m split on it. What I mean is if they want to keep the rivalry going that’s fine. Just have OU pay to play. Mike Gundy won’t like it though.

At the same time if they dissolve it then no big deal. We won’t have to watch Mike Gundy get embarrassed on an annual basis and make excuses for why he can’t win another bedlam game.

Herbstreit calls himself a traditionalist?? Didn’t his beloved big ten recently raid the ACC and take Maryland, and add perennial loser Rutgers??

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Suggest we offer to play them every year that they play Bama and Bedlam is scheduled the following week after that game! :facepunch:t2:

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