Kirk Herbstreit Says OSU ‘Best Team’ in Big 12 Right Now

Originally published at: Kirk Herbstreit Says OSU ‘Best Team’ in Big 12 Right Now | Pistols Firing

Kirk knows.

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Today’s games will help sort things out.


Kirk restating the rather obvious. We need to see oSu putting up some big scores on some of the lesser teams in the Big 12. Separate from them and avoid the dog fights. Let the offense loose just like in the Notre Dame game. Forget about not wanting to run up the score. Definitely run up the scores if your goal to make the playoffs is believable. Show the sports world that you can dominate instead of just squeak by. Forget about interceptions, just let SS sling it down field. If J. Bray plays and he is somewhat in condition, we can play at a higher level. And decrease the amount of passes thrown to the line of scrimmage. They tend to result in not much yardage. Get Rashod Owens more involved. Go for it!

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Don’t sleep on Texas. I know they usually do something stupid but they’re loaded with talent and this Ewers kid is legit. I would not be surprised if they beat us.

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Texas still must show they can win on the road. They not been able to do it so far. They won at home and on a neutral field.

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Smiling about what happened to OU. It reminds me of the time when they went thru a few coaches who had a tough time, such as Snellberger, or whatever that former Miami U. coach’s name was. It would be fun to see OU get creamed during their initial season in the SEC. I wish Texas would also have a bad season so maybe some recruits might then choose oSu over Texas. Not likely to happen since there is so much prestige in that state for being able to play for Texas.

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“A team everyone always forgets about”.

Gund’s system is not going to blow out teams as we’ve seen for 10 years. He plays conservative to just have more points than the other team at the end of the game. He plays the same way every game doesn’t get out of his box. Some agree some don’t. It doesn’t help the brand in my opinion as it just gets lost at the end of every season.

Maybe Gundy tells himself, "heck, if they are willing to pay me several million bucks a year for doing what I always have been doing, why would I want to do anything different? You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. My legacy has been 16 bowl games in a row, and the higher ups that sign my paychecks are satisfied with that. I ain’t gonna rock the boat.

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Golden egg not eggs.

Blah blah blah. Come on bucko. I know yout the flag barrier, but make a better showing. Just repeat your crap gets you no respect. If i were you i would worry about your respect. If you have some.

This is like your other rumors.

Jug have you ever answered a post rite. The egg is a bowl so thats eggs. Why are you on here

No a cheez it is a bowl. A golden egg is a championship. Why were you born? Mistake!

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I just like to point out when a person of matter says the exact thing I talk about and the same thing you say is false that’s it. Got to keep you in check little buddy😉

Don’t want misinformation being spread you know.

Jeff. i have not yet read anything true from you. Do i need to remind you about your comments about 90 % and the 2 star tulsa kid.

Osu and tosu are the only schools, ranked 8 or higher, to have won all their games by atleast 10 point.
Sure we havent blown out teams but we haven’t let Mizzou control most of the game like georgia has. Alabama 2 fg wins are impressive.

Stop dude we dnt respect you.

I don’t know if you know this about football–and most sports for that matter–but if you have more points at the end of the game, you win.

What you’re talking about is a 4-minute offense which we ran to absolute perfection against Tech. Gundy has been taking some swings thia year, though. We’ve selectively gone for it on 4th down, we’re throwing the ball around, running some trick plays, we’re sending pressure on D, we’re returning kicks, we’re not afraid to run Sanders, we’re going uptempo. We are, however, taking the points and not getting greedy. We’ve had an aggressive coach and an analytical coach two weeks in a row get in trouble going for it on 4th down too much. Tech gambled on an onside kick that let us tie the game up quickly.

Let the opposing coaches play Blackjack and we’ll play Chess. We’ll take calculated risks and they can try to count cards or gamble or whatever. Maybe they’ll luck out and hit their ace eventually, but the House usually wins in the end.

So far perfect in conference. I couldn’t ask for more. Unfortunately Gundy’s history doesn’t look good for Bedlam.

History is likely to take a back seat when the the team you are playing against is running the wildcat for half of their offensive plays. OU is in dire straights. Not saying they can’t turn things around but if they continue on the path they are on I don’t think any amount of sooner magic is going to save them in bedlam.